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Innovation, Knowledge & Quality.

TECh has the essential product solutions that you need in your business. With cutting edge innovation, TECh supplies robust products, with solution lead capabilities.

Our aim is to deliver products and aftercare services which directly influence your business responsibilities of safety, compliance, efficiency and awareness.

All systems are modular in design, allowing flexibility of use and the integration of additional equipment. Our products have e-marking, FCC, and TBC accreditation.

At TECh, our in-house development team pride themselves on the recognition they receive as industry innovators. This world class team are at the cutting edge of development, at TECh we create our own solutions and share them with you.

Working with industry regulators including the federation of Communication Services (FCS) we ensure all our team are up to date with legislation, and contemporary technological advances. We offer you a turn-key service with the best products, solutions and installation with an in-depth maintenance and aftercare plan, structured to your business requirements.

Reversing camera
Reversing camera

TECh cameras available to suit all vehicles and to cover all vehicle blind spots.

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At TEChLab our specialist team develop seeds of ideas to design bespoke solutions for our customers.

A wide range of practical experience in commercial technology is brought together as a collective in our developmental TEChLab facility. We know that whatever product or solution we create, it has to be safe, effective, resilient and efficient.

Our products have to do the job they are designed to do, in demanding conditions and sometimes harsh environments.


Our industry leading solutions architects design bespoke installations for our customers and have developed a wide range of high quality, robust practical products derived from vast experience and our ability to understand what works in the harshest of environments

Our team are never satisfied with ‘what’s available’; they are constantly seeking and testing new ways to overcome obstacles to our customers’ business operations

Techlab Provide

  • Access to the best vehicle installation specialists
  • Access to the best product support specialist
  • Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Modular design and build
  • Installation Guides


TECh plays an integral part in Handsfree Group, researching and developing new products to save our customers time and money.


With many years combined experience in the industry, our team knows what issues our customers face and are constantly seeking solutions through innovation.



Our sourced products carry a three-year warranty. This is TECh’s commitment to long term relationships with our valued customers.


Our TECh team is forward thinking people who research advancements in technology that we can introduce into our own product development.



What people are saying about us

  • "There is so much technology available now that brings real cost savings to fleet operators. Not only does a good telematics system increase efficiencies, it also brings added safety and environmental benefits."

    Director, Nestlé